Psychotherapy Amsterdam

Psychotherapy and expat coaching

Are you looking for an English speaking therapist, psychotherapist or psychologist in Amsterdam?

We are therapist, coach and relationship counsellor (Ninian) in Amsterdam. There is no waiting list. The therapy can begin without delay.

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English speaking therapy

Types of issues

You can use the therapy for all kind of problems, like:

✓ stress
✓ difficulty making choices
✓ relationship problems
✓ difficulty dealing with others (privately or professionally)
✓ feelings of anxiety and/or insecurity

The therapy is short-term: 4 to 12 sessions are usually sufficient to achieve a breakthrough.

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✔ Relationship therapy
✔ Individual therapy
✔ Personal coaching
✔ in Amsterdam-New-West

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Therapeut Amsterdam
✔ Therapy and coaching
✔ Relationship therapy
✔ Psycho-oncology
✔ in Amsterdam (Vondelpark)

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Hypnotherapie Amsterdam
✔ Hypnotherapy
✔ Individual therapy
✔ Personal coaching
✔ in Amsterdam-South (Europaplein)

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Psychotherapie Amsterdam: Psychotherapist Amsterdam when you’re looking for an English speaking therapist, psychologist or psychotherapist in Amsterdam Centrum, Amsterdam West, Amsterdam Oost, Amsterdam Zuid, Amsterdam Noord, Amstelveen, Diemen, Duivendrecht. English speaking clients and expats. You’re welcome.

Specialisaties bij Psychotherapie Amsterdam:

Hypnotherapie en PDS

Hypnotherapie is effectief bij allerlei klachten, zoals PDS (Prikkelbare Darm Syndroom).

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EMDR therapie wordt gebruikt bij traumabehandeling, PTSS, en andere klachten.

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Als relatietherapeut kunnen we je helpen patronen in je relatie te ontdekken die niet goed meer werken.

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